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The Ryan and Esposito Big Bang
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4 months to write a 15,000 words fan fiction of Ryan and Esposito.
Hello everyone and welcome to the Big Bang for the ABC's show Castle.

However this Big Bang focus not on the writer and cop that everyone would think but on the their partners: NYPD homicide Detective Javier Esposito and Detective Kevin Ryan.

Writers are welcome to join in this four months race to write a 15,000 words fan fiction about these two wonderful detectives. Then artists are able to work together with these writers to come up with some beautiful artworks for the stories.

For more information check out the links in the sidebar or free feel to send a message to us MODs through rysito_bbmods or just post a comment on the main journal page.

Here is the Timeline if you would like to take a look:

For the Writers

Sign Up Closes June 30
Summaries Due July 10
50% RD of Stories Due September 6

For the Artists

Sign Up Closes August 20
Stories Pick September 7
Artwork RD Due October 10

Posting Begins on November 1